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The launch of the Bulgarian translation of Monopsony Capitalism published by KOI Books and funded by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

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Ashok goes on Russia Today to discuss Monopsony Capitalism

Cambridge University Press hosts an Author-Meets-Critics run adjascent to the SASE conference. Respondents: Jennifer Bair, Gary Gereffi, Dev Nathan & Matt Cole with Stephanie Barrientos (chair)

Ashok discusses his book with the Economic Research Council

Ashok debates John Rentoul over “Should Tony Blair Return to Politics” on TalkRadio

Ashok on Uber’s announcement to respect British labour law

Ashok discusses India’s ongoing health crisis for The Daily Mail

Ashok on BBC discussing India’s agriculture reforms and protests

Ashok on Red Star Over Asia podcast discussing farmers struggles, peasant movements, capitalism, and Monopsony Capitalism.

Ashok’s talk at Leeds University’s CERIC

End of the Sweatshop or a New Race to the Bottom

Ashok interviewed on East is a Podcast

Ashok discusses his book and the ongoing struggles of the Indian farmers movement on The Popular Show

Ashok on a roundtable with Julia Damphouse and Miriyam Aouragh discussing Marxism and Identity Politics at Historical Materialism Conference

Watch Ashok discuss his chapter on “The Essential Worker” at the launch of the Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture alongside Alan Bradshaw, Keir Milburn, Lynne Segal and Kate Soper:

Watch Ashok talk about labour and power to the Student Federation of India:

Watch Ashok talk about Work and Global Value Chains at the Department of Geography at Cambridge together with Helena Pérez Niño and Matthew Amengual:

Watch Ashok talking about global solidarity in the production process at The World Transformed:

Ashok discusses Racial Capitalism with Annie Terriba and Gargi Bhattacharyya:

Ashok discusses his book with Bristol Transformed

Ashok discusses his book in the context of Covid and the idea of “The Essential Worker” on the Quarantined Market Podcast:

Ashok discusses the sweatshop conditions of Leicester on the Theory, Politics, Other podcast:

Ashok discusses race and capitalism with the Student Federation of India:

Listen to the book launch at Historical Materialism Annual Conference 2019 with David Harvey, Tithi Bhattacharya, Marina Vismidt, Catarina Principe, and Rob Knox: